Apostle / Founder

Kobus & Yvonne Smith


It all began in 1983 at the Rhema Church in Orkney, where Apostle Kobus and his wife Yvonne Smith spiritually grew on their return to God.

On  22 October 1985 Apostle Kobus Smith received a powerful prophetic word by: Bobby Jean Merck

“The Anointing I’ve given shall come upon you and rest upon you. The Spirit of Wisdom is going to begin to come together as of tonight. The consecrating oil of the Holy Spirit is going to empower you to endure the fight, you will win the test and you will come out right. God is calling you apart tonight He’s calling you aside to separate yourself unto Him to be a part of his bride so, rejoice for redemption and deliverance is upon you and upon those that concern you. The Anointing for the same shall be accomplished through you, on the power of My Name”.

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Since 1986 Apostle Kobus Smith has been in the full time ministry. He was appointed as the assistant pastor of the Rhema Church in Orkney, where he did his ordination under Morris Cerrello Ministries

In 1987, in obedience to the Spirit of God, Apostle Kobus Smith left Orkney to pursue a life of full time ministry as an Apostle in George, Western Cape.

In obedience to God, Apostle Kobus Smith has been preaching the true word of God through many travailing times and being faithfull. By the hand of God witnessing signs, miracles, healing’s, salvations and multitudes of people being set free in this true apostolic ministry.

In the middle of 2006 after many years of awaiting and intercession, the much anticipated revival came to Ekklesia Ministries in George, South Africa. One of our very own congregational member who are considered a more reserved person, began to prophesy. She started to move mightily under the presence of God and prophesied the revival that was yet to take place. During this time Apostle Kobus Smith with many people received powerful words from God and within a week the revival began.

It was as if the presence of God began to move mightily in our ministry in a powerful way. He moved on all the people and overnight Ekklesia Ministries went from a few faithful 50 members to almost 150. By the second evening our ministry was standing on a amount of almost 300 and we had to move the chairs because there were just not enough space…so it went on. During this season (which lasted over six years), Apostle Kobus Smith through the Holy Spirit has been able to do many signs, miracles and wonders in peoples lives. Many of the youth who attended our services proclaimed going to Heaven and seeing Jesus Christ. While others saw, open visions of a stairway between Heaven and earth within the ministry. A few people testified of fire flames coming off the outside ministry building and moving upwards into the sky. While others testified of seeing angelic beings, glory stars and glory dust everywhere they went. Others were instantly set free – being delivered from anything which was hindering or afflicting them.

Through the years his message was and still is very clear, that every Christian is more than a conqueror through Christ Jesus. This making his teachings more of a personal lifestyle and life changing for anyone who accepts it.

We trust that you will also receive this life changing message, being set free and made more than a conqueror through our wonderful Lord Jesus Christ.