Children 7-13 yrs

Our Vision:



We have a great passion for children. Considering it a great honour and privilege to be serving not only the children within our ministry but, the community as well. As leaders we must equip young children for life with the Word of God. So, together we can reach out to the lost and make God real to them everyday.

We take great care in presenting Jesus Christ in a simple way that is fun and relevant for the children to understand. Also allowing it easy and simple for them to apply it, in their individual lives.

Every year we continuously are seeing them grow, while developing into pillars of passionate men and woman for Christ.


Little Eagles: 7-12 years

Here your child will be more involved in applying the word and learning to live a fruitful life for Jesus. We believe in the teaching of the Holy Spirit and are always open to His instruction to share with the children. We believe that children are important and have different needs than that of adults. Therefore, we have designed special services to specifically meet their needs!

Our Kids Church is loads of fun with various topics, activities, songs and styles which are relevant to all children! The curriculum that we teach throughout the year is “The Superkids Academy” (from Kenneth Copeland Ministries) and with various other materials.


Eagles: 13-15 years

The teen years are very important in any child’s life. These are also the years where your child will be introduced into various influences and  misdirection’s.Therefore we strongly emphasize and teach the Word of God. Handle discussions on real life issues and temptations. We are there to help your child through those crossroads, by applying the Word of God in the most difficult times.

Worship, various lesson plans, activities, events, outings and outreaches are also a core part of this group. By involving the young adults and equipping them in the fundamental basics of true Christianity, the breakthrough is life altering.



Our Vision Statement:

  • We want children to love Jesus with all of their hearts.
  • We believe that children are people and people are important.
  • We want children to know their identity is in Christ.
  • We want children to know that FAITH is FUN.
  • We want them to pray and read their bibles.
  • We want them to worship God in spirit and in truth.
  • We want them to understand the gifts and workings of the Holy Spirit.
  • We want them to know that God has a plan for their lives.
  • We want them to know that they are not too young to be used by God.
  • We want them to serve God with all of their hearts for the rest of their lives.