“GO” New Hope

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Looking at our vision for the body of Christ, we anticipate that the GO program can be utilized and implemented in every local church across the world. Literally creating a movement in all the different members of the body.

God has blessed every member with a purpose and a gift, and it is our function to stir and release these gifts as the Holy Spirit directs.

Most Christians never feel adequately prepared or mature enough to function or flow in the ministry towards others, this is a trap that the enemy uses to paralyze many of our members.

GO is a wake up call and an enablement for members to move as the Spirit of God directs them, creating a culture of ministering and caring for the needs of others, thus fulfilling the law of Love.

As Jesus’ mission statement reads in Luke 4, it encompasses: Good News, Healing, Deliverance and ultimately the year of the Lord’s favour.

The news must be shared with a dying world.


“Go – New Hope” was established to address current needs amongst both church members and the local community.

This ministry offers members and local businesses and opportunity to invest by giving monetary donations and non-perishable food products.


New Hope encompasses the following Ministries:

  • Ministry of the NeedyNew
  • Children’s Feeding.
  • Members Caring.
  • Food Parcel Distribution.
  • Community Feeding.
  • Clothing / Blankets.



  • Mobilization of Local Outreach Teams.
  • Missionary Support.
  • Outreach Crusades.
  • Children’s Ministry Support.
  • Youth Support and Projects.
  • Music and Drama.


Non-Perishable Items Needed:

  • Coffee / Tea – Glean / Five Roses.
  • Long Life Milk / Concentrated Juices.
  • White or Brown Sugar.
  • Oats / Cornflakes / Porriage.
  • Rice / Noodles / Spaghetti / Macaroni.
  • Mealie Meal / Flour.
  • Sunflower Oil.
  • Soup Packets / Jelly.
  • Tins of Beans / Peas / Sweet Corn / Tomato and Onion / Pilchards / Tuna.
  • Salt / Pepper.
  • Peanut Butter / Bovril / Marmite / Jams.
  • Knorrox Stock – Beef / Chicken.



  • Toothpaste / Soap / Toothpaste.
  • Shampoo / Conditioner.
  • Deodorant – Underarm Roll On / Spray.
  • Small Tissue Packets / Toilet Rolls.
  • Jik / Domestos / Dish Washing Liquid / Sponges.
  • Handy Andy / Cleaning and Laundry Detergents.


Help us, by changing people’s futures today