Christian Community Library:

The library opened in September 2005, with only ten video tapes and five people. With God in control, our stock now resides within the thousands and members are currently 962 people. This library is dedicated in spreading the word of God. “Freely we receive so freely we give,” is the motto God wants us all to consider for our cities and communities. There are many people daily struggling with lots of different problems. We as Christians should help and encourage these people with as much of God’s Word as we can find. The library mission is solely on equipping the Body of Christ with the authority of who they are in Christ Jesus (God’s Word).


What Is In The Library?

There is a wide range of products in the Library suitable for young, old, new or long term Christians. The categories consist of: Healing, Prosperity, Faith, Evangelism, Prophecy, Salvation, Autobiographies, Children’s material and general. We pride ourselves on having solid word based teachings from various preachers.


What Is The Purpose of The Library?

The Purpose of the library is to give all members of the community opportunity of receiving God’s word for free. Through this people are restored, delivered, healed and their spiritual lives can increase. Their faith can be strengthened and encouraged by learning from others in similar situations. This library also helps people to have a deeper relationship with God, by infilling their lives constantly with the word of God in various ways.


How to Join the Library

To become a free member of the library, all you need to bring with is your ID / copy of your ID. Complete our application form at the library with all your details. Once we receive your information, you can immediately start to take out any products you want.


Free Magazines

There is free Magazines in our library which consists of: Joy, Victory and many more, which people of the community have freely donated. You have the advantage of receiving and keeping any of these Word based magazines for free.